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ALL information provided through this website is truthful and accurate.
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Pursuant to the Insurance Code of Puerto Rico, Team Insurance Services, Inc. (Team Insurance hereinafter) is qualified/licensed to do business in Puerto Rico as a Producer in Disability, Property & Casualty, Title and Life insurance. In compliance with the dispositions set forth by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCS hereinafter), Team Insurance will not utilize personal information obtained by way of our corporate website for any purpose other than that of the promotion or sale of an insurance policy.

All information provided through this website is truthful and accurate. The content of this site is property of Team Insurance, except if stated otherwise, including but not limited to all logos, and trade names related to Team Insurance, texts, design, images and/or sound. The aforementioned content, complete or partially, unless permitted by law, may not be copied, altered, displayed, or distributed without Team Insurance’s previous written consent and may not be used for any illegal purpose. Users of this website may download certain material posted on this site (e.g. downloadables). When using either present or future downloadable materials, any copyright, trade mark and other proprietary notices Team Insurance might have for the same will remain in effect.